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  • Black Fiber Glass Food trailer
  • Black Fiber Glass Food trailer
Black Fiber Glass Food trailerBlack Fiber Glass Food trailer

Black Fiber Glass Food trailer

  • size:6000mm*2100mm*2100mm
  • weight:1500KG
  • Tow Bar : 1500mm
  • AXLES: 2
  • Product description: WorldFoodTrailer-CSP HOLDING GROUP, food truck, food trailerV Nose Food Trailer, FoodTrailers, BBQ Street Trailers,Snack Cart, Food Van

Black Fiber Glass Food trailer

1.Product Description:Please noted that all trailer or vans sizes can be customized:

Model No. CSP-48FT
Body Size 5000*2100*2400MM
Overall Size 6500*2100*2400MM
WHEELS 185R14 * 4 units
20GP 1 SET
40GP 2 SET

1) Wall:50mm Mesh Fiber Glass material with intermediate heat insulation cotton.Same material as yacht 
2) Chassis and Frame:Hot dip galvanized Integral steel frame construction treated with rust resistant protective coating.
3) Towbar with brake:Drawbar with safety ball headed coupling.Mechanical Brake System+Hand Brake System.
4) Floor:Checked aluminum sheet or vinyl floor,easy to be cleaned.
5) Power:LED light,cable socket switch circuit breaker based on global standard as needed are all included.
6) Window and door:1 door on back ,1 service window on side.1 window in front. (Customized)
7) Working bench:food grade SUS 304 with sliding door undernearth.
8) Wheel:185R14 Wheels + Torsion Axles
9) Gas holder:1 piece/installed on towbar/Aluminum. 
10) Water systems:Heavy-duty water system plumbing with automatic water pump, 12V RV standard high pressure water pump; on/off control switch; Double stainless steel sinks with faucet, cold and hot water, fresh water tank and waste water tank.
11) Maximum Speed :150KPH.
12) Warranty:1 years.
13) Character:Beauty Shapes,High Strengthen,Anti-Corrosion,Anti-dust,Fire-Resistance and so on.Suitable to be used in wet and high corrosive environment,smooth and easy to clean.

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