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  • airstream caravel price, food trailer for sale
  • airstream caravel price, food trailer for sale
airstream caravel price, food trailer for saleairstream caravel price, food trailer for sale

airstream caravel price, food trailer for sale

  • Materail:Stainless Steel 304
  • Size: 4000mm*2100mm*2700mm
  • Axle: 2
  • Tow Bar : 1300mm
  • Product description: Food Trailer, Airstream Food Trailer, Street Cart, BBQ Cart, BBQ trailer by CSP Holding Group , World Food Trailer Manufactuing Company LTD

Australia Standard Mobile Food Trailer, Food Van for Sale, Fiber Glass Food Cart

1.Product Description:Please noted that all trailer or vans sizes can be customized:

Model No. CSP-AS40
Body Size 4000*2100*2700MM
Overall Size 5300*2100*2700MM
20GP 1 SET
40GP 2 SET

1) Wall:Stainless Steel 304 with Integral insulation foaming.
2) Chassis and Frame:AL-KO type Chaais,  L Structural Steel
3) Towbar with brake:Customized
4) Floor:Checked aluminum sheet,easy to be cleaned.
5) Power:LED light,cable socket switch circuit breaker based on global standard as needed are all included.
6) Window and door:1 door on back ,2 service window on side.1 window in front. (Customized)
7) Working bench:food grade SUS 304 with sliding door undernearth.
8) Wheel:Double Torsion axles with 2*R14 wheels.
9) Water systems:Heavy-duty water system plumbing with automatic water pump, 12V RV standard high pressure water pump; on/off control switch; Double stainless steel sinks with faucet, cold and hot water, fresh water tank and waste water tank.
10) Maximum Speed :150KPH.

11) Warranty:1 years.

12) Inside it can install any kinds of kitchen equipments if you need, for example: the A/C, Drink Fridge, Fryer, Griddle, etc

13) Character:Beauty Shapes,High Strengthen,Anti-Corrosion,Anti-dust,Fire-Resistance and so on.Suitable to be used in wet and high corrosive environment,smooth and easy to clean.

Airstream Food Trailer, Hot Popular Standard Mobile Food Trailer, Airstream Food Trailer,Food Van for sale, Fiber Glass Food Cart

airstream caravel price, food trailer for sale


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