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  • Extended Citroen Hy Food Truck
  • Extended Citroen Hy Food Truck
Extended Citroen Hy Food TruckExtended Citroen Hy Food Truck

Extended Citroen Hy Food Truck

  • Size : 5800mm*2100mm*2350mm
  • weight:1500KG
  • Engine: Electric Engine
  • Battery : Lead-Acid 12V/130AH
  • Product description: Extended Citroen Hy Food Truck from WorldFoodTrailer. Give us a chance, Give you a reliable supplier, kindly inquire!!

Extended Type Citroen HY Food Truck

(From 3D Drawings to Finished Products)

Citroen HY Food Truck is food and beverage service special vehicle. It is energy saving and low noise. For the catering bus configuration, you can equip the bus with hot dogs machine,popcorn machine,fridge,ice crusher and maker as in most cases our mobile food bus sells snacks like hot dogs,ice creams,popcorn,cotton candy,cold drinks,etc. While for dining service, you can choose fryer,steamer,oven,cooker,etc.

Model Product category Diamension (L*W*H)
CTHY-Food Truck electric bus-food cart 5800mm*2100mm*2350mm
1) Electrical power: 4kw 72v brushless motor
2) Cart body of mobile food cart with wheels: made of fiberglass, colour steel plate, car tempering glass.
3) Inside kitchen: high quality stainless steel.
4) Flooring: Aluminum plate with drain, easy to clean up
Standard equipments inside:
1 High quality stainless steel countertops
2 stainless steel shelves
3 Storage areas
4 Wash sink with faucet
5 Fluorescent lamp
6 Waterproof external power socket

Outside & Inside : www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lr5AHfYr0Q

Lighting Test : www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5SaKhTYlPE

Driving : www.youtu.be/zj60SnryHq0


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